Curtis Bostic

Curtis Bostic

Curtis has consistently lived a life of service to his nation and his community.

In 1987, Curtis Bostic spent a hot summer in Parris Island, earning his way into the ranks of the United States Marine Corps. Curtis was later deployed to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, winning a Meritorious Mast for his conduct during the ground campaign of Operation Desert Storm.

In 2000 Curtis was elected to serve on Charleston County Council where he served two terms. During his tenure Curtis chaired multiple committees and worked closely alongside then-councilman, now Senator Tim Scott. For the eight years he served on Council, Curtis ensured Charleston did not experience a single tax increase and Charleston County enjoyed a balanced budget every year. Additionally, in alliance with the efforts of Tim Scott, Curtis worked to bring much-needed jobs to Charleston. It was while serving as Chairman that Curtis announced Boeing’s opening in North Charleston. Additionally, Curtis authored and then fought for the adoption of Charleston’s now widely popular Greenbelt Bank. To date this innovative and highly successful program has garnered over $59 million dollars to facilitate the purchase of over 15,000 acres in parks and greenspace.

But Curtis’ energetic leadership was not limited to public office. Curtis founded and directs Remember, an organization which currently provides aid in six of the most oppressive countries in the world and operates two orphanages in Burma. In support of law enforcement and emergency responders, Curtis organized Charleston Salutes, an annual tri-county event which celebrates the sacrifices of these brave men and women. Curtis also developed and operates Peaceful Way, a retreat facility the Bostic family offers gratis to non-profit organizations. Curtis’ law firm, Bostic Law Firm, offers support to the Charleston County Motorcycle Squad and the Charleston K-9 Division. Curtis has volunteered service on numerous boards including Harvest Free Medical Clinic (North Charleston), Appalachian Bible College, the Charleston County Motorcycle Squad, Charleston Bible Church, The Charleston Leadership Foundation, and The Lowcountry Biblical Counseling Center. Curtis’ daily radio addresses can be heard on three tri-county radio stations.

Involvement with Remember and other non-profit organizations has taken Curtis to some of the most remote corners of Liberia, Iraq, Thailand, Burma, China, Laos, Ethiopia and Russia. Spending time in these countries has reinforced Curtis’ strong sense of patriotism.

“I love this country.” Bostic says, “for my family and generations of Americans to come I want to do my part to preserve this extraordinary nation.”

Jenny Bostic, Curtis’ wife of 25 years, received her master’s degree from the Citadel. Jenny has been a teacher for more than 20 years, serving in schools, public and private and as a homeschooling mother of their five children. Curtis is an IFR rated pilot and enjoys motorcycles, shooting sports, and anything he can do with his wife and children.

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